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"Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation."
-Mark 16:15

Equiping Leaders for a Positive World

Welcome to the Make A Positive Difference Foundation. We are a non-profit charitable foundation that is committed to building strong Christian leaders in developing countries. To that end, we provide university scholarships to deserving young Christian leaders so that they can use their education to assume leadership positions in their communities and countries. As leaders, these students will be well positioned to spread their Christian faith to others.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Make a Positive Difference Foundation is to enhance the lives of young International Christian students and the children of missionary families by providing financial support and scholarships for higher education. By providing educational opportunities that these students might not otherwise have, we feel that these students will become strong, upright Christian leaders and will make a positive difference in their homes, communities, and countries in the future.

"Enhancing Lives of Young Christian Leaders"

Current News

Five Scholarships Awarded for 2012-2013 Academic Year

The Make a Positive Difference Foundation awarded over $9000 worth of university scholarships to five Christian students in Kosovo and Romania. These scholarships enabled these five students to attend a university in Kosovo or Romania of their choice. The students were selected based on a thorough review of their application packets by the Board of Directors of the Make A Positive Difference Foundation. The student applications included answers to essay questions that required the students to discuss their involvement in their local churches and their plans to use their university degrees to make a positive difference in their church and community. The Board of Directors is thankful for all of the generous donations that allowed these scholarships to be awarded. Information about each of the scholarship recipients can be found by visiting the Recipients page.

Romania Vision Trip

Roger Anderson, president of Make a Positive Difference Foundation was able to travel to Romania recently and visit with the students there and strengthen our connections with the ministry teams.

“It was an incredible experience to finally make it to Romania. The country and the people are beautiful. I was blessed to worship at Manna church, who we are partnering with in Romania. I was able to visit with the students and learn more about how the school year was going and more about their current ministries and their goals for the future. I visited Boui, a Gypsy village where two of our scholarship graduates, Stelica and Cristina, are ministering. The people here are incredibly poor both physically and spiritually. The church works to feed the people in the village by teaching them the Word of God and by providing programs to help with education food and clothing.
All the students are appreciative of the work that MAPD is doing. They are already making a positive difference in their worlds and with help they will become powerful forces for positive change in their communities. It was an incredible blessing to visit Romania and see the fruit of MAPD’s there and to see how God is using these young people”.
-Roger Anderson

Alumni Focus – Corina

Corina is a former scholarship recipient who graduated last spring with a Bachelors degree from a university in Romania. She grew up in a Romanian orphanage with her sister and now she is devoting her life to helping Romanian orphans find homes and live a better life.

Corina currently works with a Christian child placement agency and is working on her degree in social work. Her desire is to continue to help make a positive difference with the children in Romania by first working with the parents to stop the epidemic of child abandonment that still goes on and to help those children that have been abandoned to find homes. Corina’s desire is to make a difference in the lives of many hurting people. She says, “Just like God made a difference and changed her life through the people around her.”

MAPD is expanding in Romania

We are expanding our mission in Romania by helping to build a new church and school in Boiu.

Stelica and Cristina Barnabas have been ministering in Boiu for some time now. Since they have graduated, Stelica and Cristina are ready to move into the next phase of their ministry. Their goal is to build a church and school in the village of Boiu that will minister to both the spiritual and educational needs of the village. MAPD felt led to expand our mission to equip our students to make a positive difference. We have assisted in the purchase of 4 ½ acres of property in the village of Boiu. This property will allow for the construction of a school and church building. There is also plenty of room for a micro-farm that will provide food for the children in the school. This project will allow both Romanians and Gypsies to come together and be transformed by the Word of God. It will also provide a place for the poorest children of the village to receive a pre-school education that will better prepare them to be successful in the public school system.

Stelica and Cristina have a passion to reach the children and adults of this community to help break the cycle of poverty. They are already seeing the fruit of their work with several young Gypsy girls returning to school with the goal of going to college to become teachers.

We think this work is important because extensive evidence from developing countries shows that education, especially of girls, has enormous economic and social benefits; it is one of the soundest investments a country can make.

Support Opportunities

To grow MAPD’s scholarship support this year, we need your help and prayers. Given the standard of living in Romania and Kosovo, your donations have a significant impact upon many lives. We are able to provide most students a full scholarship for $1500. Your donations can also help with the school and church project in Boiu, Romania. To begin the next phase we will need approximately $40,000.00 to build and furnish the school and church and to fund the salaries of the first teachers. Would you consider partnering with us by making a financial donation?

The Make a Positive Difference Foundation is supported solely through the generous contributions and prayers of its donors. As an IRS 501c3 organization, all financial donations to the Foundation are tax deductable. If you would like to donate or desire additional information about support opportunities, please visit the Contribute page.

Images from Boiu, Romania

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