"Providing Educational Opportunities in Kosovo"

International Focus

Jesus commands us in Mark 16:15 to “Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation.”

The goal of the Make a Positive Difference Foundation is to build Christian leaders in countries that have limited knowledge of Christianity but have shown a desire to know more about the good news of Jesus Christ. By working with local churches in the United States and abroad, Kosovo and Romania were selected as the countries in which Make a Positive Difference is focusing its efforts.

Overview of Kosovo

Kosovo is a country of 2 million inhabitants in Eastern Europe. Kosovo is a mountainous country with limited natural resources. Kosovo has one of the lowest standards of living in Europe. After many years of Communist rule, Kosovo endured great hardship during the war in the Balkans in the late 1990s. Many of the inhabitants of Kosovo spent time in United Nations refugee camps during the war. Under Serbian control until recently, Kosovo declared its independence in Feb 2008. Kosovo independence has been supported by the United States and most countries in Europe.

Flag of Kosava
Map of Kosava

Christianity in Kosovo

The population of Kosovo is largely Muslim. However, several local Christian churches have recently been established. These churches have seen an interest by Kosovo’s young people in Christianity. As the country begins its journey from independence to stability and success it will need strong morale leaders. The Make a Positive Difference Foundation believes that the time is now to provide opportunities for young Christians to make a positive difference in this country. This is an open door for us to help young Christians who love their country and love God to influence this country for the Lord. By providing a college education we can help these young Christians to obtain jobs and positions that they might not otherwise have the opportunity to do. By placing Christians in key positions of influence this could be the spark to start a spiritual revival within this young country and make a long term difference for the Kosovo citizens. We also feel that by providing this opportunity the people of Kosovo will see God’s love in action through the efforts of the Foundation. This will allow opportunities to share God’s love and the gospel message with families and friends that might not have other opportunities to hear it.

Overview of Romania

Romania is the seventh largest country in Europe with a population of over 21 million people. Romania has a democratic government and is a member of the European Union. Located in Southeastern Central Europe, Romania's standard of living has increased steadily since the overthrow of Communism in 1989. Like many other countries, the standard of living tends to be higher in Romania's large cities such as Bucharest and lower in the mountainous rural areas. Romania has no official state endorsed religion. In terms of religious demographics, the population of Romania is 87% Eastern Orthodox, 5% Roman Catholic, and 5% Protestant.

The Roma People of Romania

Approximately 3% of Romania's population is made of up the Roma ethnic group. The Roma people are commonly referred to as Gypsies. For several centuries, the Roma people have faced severe discrimination in Romania and throughout Europe. This discrimination has led to most of the Roma population being economically disadvantaged. The focus of MAPD's efforts in Romania is with the Gypsy population. MAPD has partnered with the Manna Christian church in Sighiosara, Romania. The Manna church is involved in community development with the Gypsy people. The church encourages children and young people from Gypsy neighborhoods to stay in school and get an education to the highest level they can afford. The church is running after school tutoring programs as well as providing scholarships for those among them who make it to university. The church also has a significant ministry in local orphanages. The vision of the Manna church is to develop Christian leaders within the Gypsy population who in turn can lead new churches in the area. This vision has already been realized with the establishment of three Christian churches in nearby villages. The Make a Positive Difference Foundation believes that scholarships for qualified students in the Manna church community will assist young Christian leaders in expanding God's ministry in Romania.