"Sharing Their Christian Faith In Many Ways"

The Make a Positive Difference Foundation is providing scholarships to several Christian students. These scholarships, which are funded through donations to the Foundation, enable the recipients to continue their academic and leadership development by attending local universities. By attending these local universities, the scholarship recipients have been able to share their Christian faith in ways that they would not have been able to otherwise.

Scholarship Recipients

Iuliana Savu - Romania

Iuliana spends her time helping with children’s camps and ministering with her church in different villages providing aid and sharing the gospel. She also helps at her church with presenting short dramas and assisting in planning worship each week. Iuliana says “I am involved in the activities of the church not because I have to or somebody forces me, but because I want to. Because I know God loves me and I want to be closer to Him.” Iuliana wants to work as a social worker helping children from foster care or orphanages learn how to handle life as young adults. She wants to be a living gospel to them and show them the image of the Heavenly Father.

Liviu Claudiu - Romania

Liviu is a social worker who works with teens from all of the ‘bad’ neighborhoods where he lives. He works to make sure these kids have a safe environment and a positive education about the future. Liviu is also an elder at his church and has served in many different leadership roles including associate pastor. He has created a successful mentoring program for teens and adults. Liviu has a passion for helping fathers connect and improve their relationship with their teenage children. He is continuing his education at the Masters level to know the bible better so it is easier for him to share the gospel with his family, his community and his country.

Bogdan Hermann - Romania

Bogdan is active in his church and community where he uses his technical and media skills to help develop and run presentations for church services. He has also been part of the leadership team for the youth ministry. Bogdan works with a large non-profit that provides support orphanages in Romania. Bogdan left a job at a telecommunications company when he felt God calling him in a different direction. He completed the Discipleship Training School under YWAM with a focus on photography. He continues to listen to God teach him how to use his gifts and talents to be a blessing to people. Bogdan wants to be a witness in the corporate world providing a model of integrity and Christian values.

Liridon – Kosovo

Liridon is attending the University of Prishtina in Kosovo. He is involved in the youth group and worship team in the church in Kosovo. Liridon also serves as a translator for short term mission teams that come to Kosovo. Liridon wants to use his education to influence the people of Kosovo in a positive way and to let the light of God shine through him to other people.

Manuela – Romania

Manuela is continuing her studies at a Masters level in Psychology. She is very involved in different ministries as a social worker in Romania that provides services to the poor and orphans of this country. She is currently in the process of starting a new foundation that will focus on programs to minister to disadvantaged youth and children in villages where there are no Christian churches. Manuela wants to make a positive difference in future generations by effective intervention with the youth today.